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[QUOTE=Smithee;20553110]From what I've seen of Radioman's posting, it looks like the good beef is in Argentina. I suspect you'd find the food to be an improvement there. I post this pic Radioman posted from Bariloche to encourage you there are better times ahead.

Hopefully you're headed that way eventually. Southern Argentina looks very similar to the Pacific Northwest.

How has the bike been performing? Have you felt the need to rejet, or does the constant velocity carb handle the altitude variations ok?[/QUOTE ]

Now that looks like something to eat! Wow! Nothing even remotely similar to that here. Nothing! Wow mashed potato and red tomatoes, what a concept!

I love Radioman's ride report and used to read it all the time. I have fallen way behind in reading his report because of the time I'm spending on mine now, but I'll catch up one day.

The bike's OK. I notice the power drop off above 10,000ft a bit, but now that I'm aware of it. I take extra care in passing at high elevations. It works fine. Just a bit slower.
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