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Originally Posted by Stan Dalone View Post
I wondered how the solitude would go. I cant imagine the countless hours alone like that, day after day after day, month after month after month.
Dont get me wrong, i love solo rides as much as the next guy, but never thought it would get that lonely.
So the question is, do you wish you had found someone else to travel the whole journey with?
And whats with the shitty food??? Damn, thats disapointing. I wouldnt have guessed it to be so bad there. Wicked pisser. I can see why your disgusted with this part of the ride now. All alone, retarded drivers, and shitty food and a wife 6000 miles away so no whamma bamma with momma.

I for one appreciate this live ride report. Its like i know you, but dont. I look forward to reading it daily. I hope you carry on and your spirits lift soon

Ride safe!
You know, i dont normally mind being by myself. I like to meet people and find it very easy to strike up a conversation. I does get tedious though when you go days on end without meeting anyone because of the language barrier. Even that is not really a stumbling block if the other person is willing to try and understand. I really got a kick out of meeting those two Lima girls at Houlihans. They talked away to me like I could understand and I didn't have clue what they were saying, but it was still fun to hear them talk away to me.

The girls at the front desk at the Hotel in Paracas have very little English but they really tried to talk to me and we struggled through. My room did not have a towel and after some charades they got me a towel and then wanted to know the Inglese word. They taught me the Spanish word which sounds something like toya. That stuff is a challenge and I find it fun.

Nights like this kinda suck. I don't want to leave the hotel because of the large crowd outside. It makes for a long night waiting for the music to stop.

I think Jana and Malene and Lawrence and Niko must be on an overnight bus to Cusco because I've not heard from them since Malene emailed yesterday and said we'll see you in Cusco. I sent them some emails so they will know where I am when they get internet again.

I think the people that like SA food eat mostly fish. I can't stand seafood of any description. Never liked it and never will. Just the smell of a piece of Salmon in a restaurant that someone else is eating is enough to put me off my meal. I live in the "Lobster Capital of the World" and there is not enough money in the World to pay me to eat a Lobster. Not in this lifetime..

But seriously how hard is it to make a hamburger that's not ground gristle? I just don't get it.

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