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Originally Posted by mikem9 View Post
Why are true dualsport bikes getting heavier and less powerful over time?

KTM 690 Enduro :

315 pounds, 60 horsepower.

I'm not sure I see a huge amount of weight or a lack of power there, to be honest

You can say it is not a "true dual sport" because it has a trellis frame and thus
a huge turning circle or that it is a modified supermoto bike ( both claims are true )
but it remains the best dual sport bike for the real world that money can buy in 2013.

So it is difficult to conclude that the world of dual sport bikes has become less wonderful
across the board, though some of the Japanese bikes might indeed be heavy and lack power,
especially compared to the old days when 2-strokes ruled the earth. The Japanese will probably
keep making the same old stuff ( WR250R notwithstanding ) as long as people keep buying it, so
vote with your wallet if you want things to change.


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