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We are all well into the wood heating season at this point, enjoying the warmth that wood heat brings. With that, I thought that I would share some thoughts on buring the "bio-bricks" now that I have had some time with them for anyone who may be interested.

Pro's: easy to handle, very little pre-burn mess, low smoke, very low ash, low pollutants (if you care), good heat, they are dry, no bugs in them wither so they can be stacked in your cellar, etc without concern. They take up less space than a cord of word.

Con's: a bit more expensive than cord word, depending on your type of stove they are a bit of a pain in the ass. My stove is a front loader with the draft in the door. These bricks expand when they burn and often fall against the door and the draft pushing smoke/fumes out of the stove. A top loading stove would be better for these in order to get a full load in the stove.

That's it for now and it is January so there is more burning to come.
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