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You were my sole hope for unloading the Scorpa on an unsuspecting, unknowing trials enthusiast. You weren't supposed to watch the video. Now what am I going to do?

I guess I'll have to race it again next year and hope for the best.


I initially thought of all the guys on this forum who put 19" rear knobbies on the front with a wide supermoto rim. An 18" dirt knobbie would round out the rear of the package and you'd have the world's first Adventure Trials BIke.

But would that really be enough? Doesn't the GG or Sherco really deserve a 26'" atv tire on the front? And something ridiculously wide, maybe 12 inches wide, on the back?

I think that if you are going to go big, you should go Really Big.


Mr. BigWheel

Maybe I'd take fewer points in the Trials if I had a flat profile 12 inch tire to balance on!!
Would that be considered cheating?
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