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Originally Posted by elron View Post
AJ990, Great fotos of your bike. How useful/effective is the windscreen spoiler.? Notice it's removed in some other fotos.

I wouldn't say totally useless...I felt it does cut down on some buffeting...but not as effective as one would hope. I found it will move around on a rough road in the rain @ HWY++ speeds, that was pissing me off on the Dalton hwy. It should be bigger, but a must doing any distance riding @ hwy speeds when I wear my MX helmet w/the visor, my .02

Drunk Uncle
You have succeeded in getting my Tiger into the 990 forum. Great pics from your ride. That was my first D2D. I was on the Tiger right behind you in your pic next to Hacky Moto. You know he got picked for the US GS Challenge team this year. I think they finished 9th overall.

Drunk Uncle,
I think I camped a few spots from you that whole "event" @ GoldRush! I ended up staying right next to Two Moto Kiwis. I know all about HackyMoto! He is fugen awesome!!! & very humble at that...I don't give a shit what he rides, I saw him pretty much "bunny hop" that 1150 in the tight cone "game". Well... BMW did send him to South America I ended up riding the T.O.W hwy the following day w/some new AK friends, stayed in TOK that night with all the D2D organizers, & was there when, Hackys 1150 came there on a trailer in pieces not 24hrs after those photos! But he survived is all that mattered, small world

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