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Originally Posted by moe.ron View Post
FUCKIN' OW! I was really lucky, never saw it coming, bike slid right out from under me, I was doing 30 MPH or so.

I was mad as hell too, I was feeling pretty proud of myself at this point, like I just rode Dakar or something, only to be wiped out by a little gravel making a left off the highway, WTF!!

My whole body hurt, got a bit of bruising on my arm, leg, and my side is sore as hell but feeling much better. All I remember is my head bouncing off the pavement. Shoei rocks!

I dont know if this makes sense or not but I am not nearly as afraid of crashing as much as before. I would still prefer not to do it again for a while though.

Hosed the mud off the bike, my shifter is the right shape again. Lets go!!

Oh, a big thanks for the guys that helped pick me and my bike up off the road!

More to follow, please stand by...

Good knee guards and upper body armor help a lot when your confidence out runs your skill level, ask me how I know
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