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You certainly seem a bit "down in the dumps". Hopefully, Argentina can pull you out of your slump.

I have to ask, and I have refrained from doing so because I didn't want to be offensive, but what did you expect the food to be like while you were travelling? There seems to be some great disappointment at the local fare. Personally, when I travelled a lot for work, I learned to try lots of new things to immerse myself in the local culture, and got to enjoy that part. My wife can certainly attest that stepping outside my comfort zone was NOT something I was akin to do very often, and now that I learned HOW to, travelling is certainly enriched.

I've been reading your RR with great interest because you are a fellow Maritimer, and having hosted Radioman last year who took a very similar route to yours and has had spectacular experiences, it almost seems from my perspective that you're not having much fun - and if that's not the case, I'll certainly read from the beginning again to see what I missed.

Stay safe, have fun and experience the culture! You're able to ride the trip I can only dream about right now!
There is no doubt I am down in the dumps at this point. Riding in Peru has been a lot of things. Fun is not one of them. Other portions of the trip have been excellent. Even outstanding.

I don't know what to say about what i expected in the way of food. I don't like anything fancy, in fact when I lived in Vancouver I found it hard to eat there too at the "better" restaurants, way too much Cilantro, Fish, mushroom sauces, vimagrette dressings, brussell sprouts for my liking and for my taste. I just like plain meat and potatoes and I love chicken..I never expected to be so hard to get a white piece of chicken. How can all the chicken be greasy and dark? What do they do with the rest? Why are hamburgeusas ground gristle instead of meat? Why does Carne Asada always come out like shoe leather? Seriously you could get a more tender cut at Hartt Shoes in Fredericton. I had a piece in northern Colombia you couldn't cut with a torch let alone chew. I tried the entire time we were at the table and could not eat a single bite. I just couldn't chew it. My Chicago friend Dylan had the same thing, same result. We joked that since we couldn't even change the shape of it they will likely sell it again after we leave. i guess I;m just surprised at the shockingly poor food whether it's the preparation or the raw material in general it is awful. Ground gristle is not something you can learn to like.

I have had lots of fun on this trip. Met excellent people, ridden outstanding roads, seen magnificent scenery,been to great beaches etc., but to imagine a trip like this can be all fun is unrealistic. Tonight I've waited for three hours to go to bed. I have a very long day tomorrow, I had a very trying day today. that's not fun. As I type this someone is screaming into a speaker system that would deafen KISS. it's 12:13 I hope it stops soon.

I have authors of other ride reports tell me they wished they had been more honest about their reporting. There is nothing fun about standing around for four and a half hours at a Central American border in steaming tropical heat. Nothing. Very few writers tell you that. They don't even mention it.

I can't think of a single Ride Report that mentions the thousand or more miles of bleak desert you cross in Peru just to get to the mountains. Except for in the book "Lois on the Loose" Limas insane traffic is barely mentioned. Lois does and outstanding job of telling how it is almost suicidal to ride there. I don't think I even thought to mention the car that was so close to me he hit my foot as i put it down to stop. drivers here hate it if you pass them. I passed a guy in a small town today, next, I'm trying to pass a truck and I relaize the a-hole I just passed is now right beside me. Shring the lane with me about 2mm's from my sadlle bags, right beside me while Im looking around the truck. I mean WTF? So irresponsibly dangerous. he's toying with my life? Cause he didn't want me to pass him? Moronic driving! Scary, but not fun.

I don't remember reading one report that mentions how some of Colombia's best roads are absolutely plugged solid with heavy trucks and buses. there seem to be more trucks in Colombia than in the entire USA. that is what I have encountered. That's what i write. It is not always fun and sometimes its downright depressing.

I just try to tell it like I see it. With the exception of the great time I had in Lima, Peru has been very taxing. I'm constantly hungry, the riding sucks out loud. boring roads, intense heat and very windy and bleak scenery and absolutely insane drivers.

I have had absolutely maddening trouble with bank and credit cards. Enough to piss off the Good Humor Man. I don't remember anyone else warning about that. I write about it because I want other riders that follow to avoid that experience.

It may be because I write almost daily that the frustrations of each day are fresh in my mind but what I write is true to the day's experience. SA can be a very frustrating place, especially when you are by yourself and don't speak the language.

I can think of rides that would be easier and more fun but I still recommend this ride. Some parts are excellent, some are decidedly anything but.

I'm glad you asked. No offense taken.

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