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type 1 journey

Type 1 since i was 12 here. I am on the Novolog/Lantus regiment too. First I would spend a few weeks prior to your trip making sure you are really comfortable with your lantus dosage and carb to insulin ratio. Counting carbs should be easy with packaged dehydrated meals. If it is not labeled, I would reasearch carb/mass ratios and weigh out ideal portions so you know.

I use pens, so it is not really necessary to keep that small an amount cold. Highly recommended.

I second Yakima saying to check as often as possible for your first few legs of the journey to get your rhythm down.

One strategy the Doc told me about when I went to summer camp way back when, that I still use sometimes is to not be afraid to run a little high. Because as you know, last thing in the world you want is to go low while your riding. I find the physical symptoms of hypo really hard to notice while riding. This heightens the risk for dehydration though so beee careful!

I want a pump though
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