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I bought a brand new 2012 white Zuma 125, and currently have just over 2000 miles on it. (700 of those miles were from one trip) So far all I have done is add a Shad 33L top box with a Shad rack/mount, and the Yamaha windshield. I definitely plan on the highway pegs, because I have a 34" inseam, and because I want to be able to use the floor space for storage. I also plan on getting the Tourmaster Select saddlebags at some point, to use when needed. I'm keeping the stock lights, but want to rig them up so they are both on at the same time, and possibly add both headlight and brakelight modulators for more visibility. Engine/CVT/exhaust will stay stock for reliability and longevity. Since this is basically a touring rig, I decided to keep the ducktail rear fender, and put something reflective on it.

The highway bars definately made the scooter alot more comfortable to ride, i use it EVERYTIME i ride now, putting my knees side by side just feel so cramped nowadays after the install. If you get the headlight harness for dual headlights make sure you lower both bulbs to 35w as to not overload the battery. Lots of folks leave stock bulbs which are 55w i believe and ended up killing their battery shortly after the changeover, just a thought.
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