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First, you must be talking about the Banner Grade, up from the desert to Julian. GREAT ROAD! Did it on my 2009 Majesty with Dr. Pulley 15gm sliders, following my brother on his Burgman 650. Actually, RIDING his ASS.

The Majesty 400 was about perfect, BUT I had upgraded to Dr. Pulley's to keep it at its torque peak, had sticky Michelin dual-compound tires, and replaced all the original ORGANIC brake pads with SINTERED...a MUST DO!!!

The original windscreen is USELESS..I put on a BIONDI Touring Screen from Italy...could light a MATCH behind it at 80mph.

Also, toured from San Diego to San Jose and back with my brothers on their Burgman 650's. 75-80 mph (actual) on the problem, all day long.

Paid $4,300 at the Dealer,used with 700 miles on it, only ridden for 4 months. Just sold it for $4,000 cash after two years and 6,000 miles.

UNFORTUNATELY, I had to sell it because I test-rode a TMAX 500. After my brother did. He SOLD both his Burgman 650 and SYM Citycom 300; TMAX does everything they both did...BETTER.

Found my NEW 2009 Tmax at a dealer in SJC; list was $8,400...I paid $6,300. AMAZING bike. Last month my brother and I "borrowed" a C650gt from the BMW Dealer and took turns on it while the other rode the Tmax. In almost every area the Tmax was equal to or BETTER than the $11,000 C650. (And we haven't put in the Dr. Pulley's yet!)

My full face SyMaxII helmet WOULN"T fit under the Majesty seat until I took a HAMMER and HEAT GUN to the compartment just drops into the Tmax. Who knew?

(and my other brother ALSO has a Burgman 400..oil leaker, clutch problems...AVOID!!!)

My Spin? Stay with Yamaha! Spend $3-4k for a used Majesty, or (and I REALLY MEAN THIS) get a Tmax...still one available in Costa Mesa NEW for $6,500, in Corona with 1,500 miles for $5,500.

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