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Originally Posted by wiseanhyzer View Post
Ok. Would you assume that when someone says "we met just, just she knew my cousin" that they had never met in person? That's not "we never actually met in person." That was "we met through my cousin". He knew everyone would assume they met in real life.

What I now think happened: He got "catfished". Big time. But he embellished his relationship with her way too much and made it into something it wasn't because of the media attention. He lied and said they had met. He told his Dad they met when she came to visit him in Hawaii. He said she was the love of his life (even though he'd never laid eyes on her in real life). He talked about being on the phone with her while she was in a coma and her breathing picked up. He publicly built the relationship up into something it wasn't because he liked all the attention he gained from the tragedy.

And now that everyone knows it wasn't real he looks twice as foolish. He got catfished and then he told fishing stories.
I had never heard of that show until this all came up. The kid has to be embarrassed about the thing, but it would have been a lot better to admit it up front. We'll never know with any certainty, but I've considered that he and ND kept the lid on the thing until after the NC game to keep him from being trash-talked or taunted at the game proper.

And while I've had a little fun with it, there is another side to me that sees and has dealt with the pain. For years I worked as a counselor, and there are countless people out in our culture who struggle daily with overwhelming feelings of loneliness and alienation, and who are desperate for a sense of connection. The modern "online dating" patterns and the popularity of those web sites point directly to that reality.

But getting back to the satire at hand, when I look at that photo of the imaginary woman in the shower, my first thought is that she does not look anything like what I expected. Next she could stand to lose some weight -- just saying.

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