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I did a similar trip last year but going through Moldova & Transnistria. You definately want to visit Sighisoara in Romania, I stayed in the cheap Burg Hostel in the centre of the medievil citadel. The medievil town is a bit busy with tourists in the day but in the evening it gets nice and quite. Watch out for the potholes and tram tracks in Lviv! In Ukraine I also stayed in Hostels, some have courtyards which is ideal for the bike security and I found the staff very friendly and helpfull. The one thing that can be a problem in the Cyrillic alphabet! When I arrived in Lviv my GPS screen just went blank, I thought shit! but when I got to the hostel I did a soft reset and it was OK (phew!). I did have maps with me (in Cyrillic & English) as back up but it would be a real pain if you had to use them paticulary in the center of a city.
Thought you'd enjoy some images that you'll enjoy on you trip - enjoy!! Have a good trip and ride safe.

Sunken manhole cover!

Drain cover missing or nicked!

Typical street in Lviv!

Chisinau (Moldova) pothole, imagine going into this!!

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