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sunday i worked a while & went home for some brunch. I saw where chris had posted on fb anyone wanta go for a short ride before the game.

go back to work or go for a ride

so i met chris & connie at bar dog downtown

it's a real clear day rode some of the only twisty rds near memphis, perfect day for taking pictures

aaa if i'd charged the camera battery

ya'll will have to take my word, what great day it was

then the batteries in the walkman die

still better than work

stopped at shelby forest general store

ok a cell phone pic

connie had never been there before, turns out she used to work in a office years ago with the owner

small world

rode down to the river, some twisty roads tru the forest back roads back to town. When by memphis U where one of chris freinds were giving another friend riding lessons.

she was doing good & loving it (1st bike)

we followed them around a couple of laps, then headed to slider inn to watch the rest of the football game

falcons lost but they had a heck of season maybe they'll make it next year
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