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Originally Posted by mmod View Post
Is the screen on the Montana as good in the sunlight as the zumo 350?
How do the two compare in screen size?
My use for the GPS would be the basic stuff that the cagers would use and the option to load gpx files from others.
Also I'm not a tech guy so the easier to use the better.
I haven't had my Montana long enough to have a strong opinion on how it is in sunlight, but it has seemed fine so far. The 350 screen is a little bigger than the Montana, and the 660/665 screen is a little bigger than the 350. Let me see if I can use the garmin compare feature to get a chart...

660 350 Montana
Display size, WxH:3.81W x 2.25H in (9.7 x 5.7 cm); 4.3 diag in (10.9 cm)3.7W x 2.2H in (9.4 x 5.6 cm); 4.3 in diag (10.9 cm) 2inW x 3.5inH (5.06 x 8.93 cm); 4in diag (10.2 cm)

On a practical level, I can turn off the dashboard fields on my Montana and end up seeing more map than on the 350 even though the screen is smaller. Have not personally used a 660/665.
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