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Originally Posted by Countdown View Post
Are you asking if you can change the data items displayed in boxes over the map page?

If so I think the answer is no. Unlike the hand helds which the user can choose how many and which ones of a list of a hundred (I like glide ratio), Garmin thinks that users of street GPS units are not smart enough to set these fields and they do it for you and you better like it.
Yes, by "dashboard" I meant those fields like speed, direction, etc. I like to see as much map as possible, and so I do not always wish to have a bunch of text data fields obscuring map detail. On my Montana, I can cause all of the fields to go away, leaving me with a full view of the map, or I can have the fields be there if I want. I was hoping to confirm how much or how little the 66X series allows similar display changes.
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