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I am in the same situation as the OP and decided to try out the KLIM AR2. I really wanted the Rukka Armas but the lack of venting killed it for me which made me sad as I really love the look of it. If I had the money for 2 high end suits I would probably have the Armas and the Airway. I also looked hard at the Stadler offerings, especially the Companero, which I really liked but I didn't want to have to carry around the outer shell as well. The biggest thing with the Stadler gear (other than the price) is the looks for me, I don't dislike it but it isn't my favorite either.

The AR2 ticks a lot of boxes for me: redesigned venting, beefier armor, more tailored fit, all Armacor (minus the superfabric and stretch goretex areas in a few areas), Deflexion armor in chest and top of thighs, love the look of the gray suit, and the addition of cinching straps on the arms and waist area are appreciated. I was able to sneak into the end of the Atomic-Moto preorder at the start of the new year so the price ended up being a couple hundred less than the Companero suit and a little less than the Armas.

Hopefully I will love it, with only having one suit there are always compromises but I think the new AR2 fits my needs best.
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