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Originally Posted by SquirrelyGrl View Post
Hey Ginger ~

It was my riding partner's paper directions from the Houston Valley Ride, the last RR I posted. The paper was on his KLR tank and I made fun of him for having a scotch taped piece of paper for directions to the trailhead.

Believe it or not, that piece of paper stayed on the DR for a couple of months, thru the Clayton Rally and several other rides during October & November
That's a great story. It forced me to read through your entire thread.

By the way the snake on page six may not be a rattle snake. From the pics it looks to either be a brown water snake (nonvenomous) or a cotton mouth (venomous). from what I can see of the jaw structure it is more than likely the brown water snake. Can't tell for sure without a face shot. Both snakes will mimic rattlers by vibrating their tail against brush, leaves,etc which gives off the sound of a rattle. Sorry I'm kind of a nerd.
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