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Originally Posted by beebeer54 View Post
I did a similar trip last year but going through Moldova & Transnistria. You definately want to visit Sighisoara in Romania, I stayed in the cheap Burg Hostel in the centre of the medievil citadel. The medievil town is a bit busy with tourists in the day but in the evening it gets nice and quite. Watch out for the potholes and tram tracks in Lviv! In Ukraine I also stayed in Hostels, some have courtyards which is ideal for the bike security and I found the staff very friendly and helpfull. The one thing that can be a problem in the Cyrillic alphabet! When I arrived in Lviv my GPS screen just went blank, I thought shit! but when I got to the hostel I did a soft reset and it was OK (phew!). I did have maps with me (in Cyrillic & English) as back up but it would be a real pain if you had to use them paticulary in the center of a city.
Thought you'd enjoy some images that you'll enjoy on you trip - enjoy!! Have a good trip and ride safe.
Great input. We're planning on avoiding Transnistria, as reports I have read indicates too much trouble, too many officials expecting presents, and not much to see. So we thought we'd just head out of Moldova immediately. If you have some real experience, I'd appreciate any input as it also bothers me to not explore Moldova as we're there anyway.

We rode in Ukraine last year as well, but only the Carpathians, so we're looking forward to explore Crimea and Lviv. That for sharing the photos. It is a good reminder to not ride after dark.

Newer maps for Garmin have pretty good coverage of Ukraine, but we would get printed maps as well. We have been practicing Cyrillic alphabet, so we can better read the maps (I hope).

We visited Sighisoara last year and I can only second that it is worth a visit. We chose Sighisoara over Brasov as we were told that Brasov is extremely touristy.

Thanks for your input. Very valuable.

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