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Originally Posted by Brown Falcon View Post
I've been riding it around town like that and no complaints from the law or anyone else yet, but they don't sit around with Db meters here. I downloaded a Db meter app last night so I'll try testing it with that from 20ft. Not sure if it's 20ft directly behind the bike, or 20ft at a 45* angle or what. I'll need to look that up.
Please take this in the spirit intended, but the quieter our bikes are the better it is for all of us. Most folks in town can't tell the difference between a Harley with open pipes vs. Dual Sport without an insert. They just hear a noisy moto. You should be able to look up the test info to see how you are doing. Some riders have also added a turn down on the pipe to bounce the sound off of the ground first to help dampen some of the noise. The exhaust sound from a big 4 stroke will also carry farther than a 2 smoker for example.
I am sure my SuperTrapp is not the quietest pipe option, but I keep the packing fresh and have played with the disks and found the compromise between quiet and performance I can live with. Like to know how that app works.
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