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Originally Posted by bill42 View Post
Dude, I love your personal blog disguised as an Advrider's post about airheads, because you post spontaneous shit and often prove to be one of the great kings of google and finding unique BMW motorcycle related material. But this!!! I was going to inform you that you are insane but much of this is about how you are fully aware of this fact!
I do not mean to sound condescending. In fact I am quite jealous of your vocabulary and you are more educated than I am. But I must confess I couldn't read more than maybe, 10% of this. It had very little to do with BMWs. Has anyone read it all? What does it MEAN? I would appreciate a summary from you or anyone else.
Are you well? Are you on medication? drugs? How can someone write this much so quickly? You need to be studied.

I was in the same boat you are in some time ago, not that long ago really. Take a deep breath and grab a chair. It will all make sense in the morning when you wake up.

Never memorize something you can look up.
---Albert Einstein

Pay your debt, piratejohn.
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