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Originally Posted by i_4ce View Post

This gives a good estimate of the transition speed.

I put in the numbers for a weestrom and got 23.
With futher curiosity I put in these bikes:
ex250 = 26
gsxr1000 = 12
harly sportster = 58
streched out chopper = 98

As you can see from the examples. The bikes with the lower transition speeds are harder to ride while the higher numbers are easier to ride as counter steering is not required until higher speeds.!

The "Transition speed" is MOVING OR NOT MOVING.

To turn a moving motorcycle you counter steer evey time on EVERY BIKE.

1 mph? Yup!

5 mph? Yup!

15 mph? Yup!

60 mph? Yup!

It does not matter what bike. It does not matter what speed. There is no mythical transition speed. If you are moving and you turn. YOU COUNTER-STEERED! 100% of the time.

The end.

Nice troll.
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