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Originally Posted by jesperd View Post
Yeah, I don't understand why there is no crossing directly between Romania and Ukraine. You'd think there is enough traffic to support it. Maybe it's a political issue more than anything else.

From the satellite images, it does look like the border crossing between Moldova and Ukraine is very small, though. I don't know that indicates that it an easy crossing or just not very busy.

Did you cross it previously?

Yes, I used this border last summer. We were coming from Ukraine and going into Romania. It's very small and at that time of the day (around 21.00) very quiet. The Moldova side was a bit scary, as there are few papers to fill, russian language only and our luggage was stripped completely. And you have to pay some small fee for transit. After we were clear to go few border guards asked as to do a wheelie
Romanian side was easy, they even let us go past all the cars.

One more tip. If you are planning to drive from south Romania and cross the river near Galati, the ferry only operates during daytime. And there are no bridges.
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