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Originally Posted by Chisenhallw View Post
I wonder if you might detail your winter layering scheme, please?
Sure, it's really quite simple for my daily 4mi commute to work. I'm very fortunate to live right next a bike trail that's groomed for skiing. That's mainly why I got a fat tire bike since it sinks less than a skate skier and doesn't mess up the grooming. I ride a studded tire mt. bike if it's icy.

Non-riders often have a hard time understanding that I find it warmer and more comfy bicycling than going out to a cold car that's just getting warm by the time I get to work. That point also probably doesn't matter to many since auto/remote starts are increasing in popularity these days.

I'll group my clothing assortment by temperature from head to toe starting with 20f and above. I use a cover on my helmet which helps to keep some heat in and rain/snow out. It's also hi-viz and reflective. I use various thicknesses of balaclavas with my main one being a Smartwool model. Usually just a thin uncoated windbreaker over my work clothes, meaning cotton tee and cotton western shirt and jeans w/o underwear. Since my commute is so short I stay with my clipless pedals tho I really do believe the cleats are quite a heat sink. I usually just wear a low top pair of mt bike shoes but for colder weather I'd recommend different pedals and footwear. At this temp I'm usually just wearing gloves or lobster mitts.

Form 20f to 0f I'll wear a thicker and longer gore-tex bicycling rain jacket on top and my Lake winter bike boots on my feet and mittens on my hands. Even with the Lakes my feet start to get chilly at the end of 4mi.

Below 0f I'll add a sweater and a pair of pair of padded bicycle shorts under my jeans and a pair of shell pants over and liner gloves under the mittens. I also wear a thicker balaclava and maybe a pair of longjohns. All pretty simple, eh?

I'm happy to say that I've only driven the cage to work 4 times in 5yrs. Being able to ride a bike trail 3 of the 4mi is a big part of that.

Ride on and warmest regards from way up north, Mark H.
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