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Originally Posted by shaddix View Post
Meh. I think its very possible to shift your weight to one side and it have an effect allowing you to turn the wheel in that direction without going the other way first. It isn't like your contact patches are single points. It is a patch that does provide some small amount of resistance, the bike will not lean the opposite direction with an equal amount of mass distribution. Maybe it would if you had 60psi in your tires, but I do not in mine.
I agree, it depends heavily on the tires used, weight of the bike, and where the pivot point is between you and the bike. On my dirtbike with low air pressure I have come to a complete stop and stood there for a solid minute without having to try and balance at all. However if you are off by a tiny fraction than you fall to the ground unless another force comes into play. The effect of having a stable base to push off of with a round tire that's low on air pressure would be so incredibly small its not really worth noting.

From a physics stand point (which applies to everyone) this is what would happen if there was some sort of "transition" between direct steering at low speeds to counter-steering at high speeds. At some point in speed when you are directly in the middle of that transition point than steering the front tire in any direction or any amount would literally have zero effect on the motorcycle. You wont lean or turn in any direction, it would have no effect. Does that actually happen? No! For there to be a transition point you MUST have a transition!!!!! To add to this issue while your approaching that "transition" point the steering would get less and less sensitive until nothing happened at all. (it could never be a single magical speed at 0.0000001 mph). As you accelerated past that transition point it would gradually get more sensitive until you got to full "counter steer."

Originally Posted by Lion BR View Post
Man, too many words and concepts and all. You can demonstrate counter-steering by simply balancing a broom from its handle, with the handle on the palm of your hand. Move the handle (your palm) right to lean the broom left and you will go left...
It is to many words and concepts . Unfortunately there are a lot of different forces and factors that make counter steering work. If the broom example helps anyone understand why it works and gets them in the right frame of mind than stick with it! But that's not how counter steering physically works. With the broom you move your hand around under it to get the broom's CG centered back on your hand. For that to work on a motorcycle you would need to move the entire front tire left or right out from under the motorcycle the same way you move your hand under the broom (there is actually an RC bike that steers this way). On a motorcycle the front tire simply turns, it doesn't move relative to the frame other than the tiny amount caused by rake angles.
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