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Originally Posted by Dallara View Post
See what I mean about folks getting very defensive when "operator error", etc. are even mentioned...

Honestly, no offense is intended, toward anybody. But just because you have several other bikes in your garage and don't have any starting issues with any of them doesn't necessarily mean that you aren't necessarily doing something during starting that doesn't agree with it. Lots of folks had other cars in their garage besides Audi's or Toyota's, too, that they didn't have "unintended acceleration" issues with, yet those same folks stood hard on the gas pedal thinking they were pressing on the brake pedal...

It was proven time and time again, in a myriad of ways, that despite the owners' claims otherwise they put their foot on the wrong pedal, yet they would vehemently claim they did nothing wrong - and they never had any problem like that with their "other cars".

The point is that one should not just automatically dismiss the possibility that these "hard starting" instances as manufacturing defects of some kind. No two bikes brands are alike... They don't run alike, handle alike, sound alike, etc., etc., and you damn sure don't ride a Super Tenere like you would, say, a Ducati D16RR Desmosedici, or a Harley XR1200... I sure know I don't. You don't start 'em the same, either. At least I don't, and I own all three. They all also require quite a different starting routine than my vintage Norton Commando, or my CZ's, etc. I don't expect any one of them to, and I further expect I have to learn what each one *needs* to start, run, and operate optimally. That's my responsibility in the man/machine relationship.

To flippantly say that any problem like this one has to be the fault of "the bike" and ignore any other possibility is to suggest that oneself is somehow *perfect* and incapable of error. In other words, you're suggesting that other folks - the ones who built the bike or its components - are flagrantly in error, but that somehow you are incapable of it.

BTW, I have washed my bike dozens of times in the past 17 months/26-K+ miles of ownership and I've never had a starting problem. Due to some health issues mine had to sit from late September until December - over two months - without being started, ridden, or even having the battery charged... And yet it started right up. Then it had to sit again for the past month, but it started right up this past weekend and ran flawlessly for over 500 miles over two days an numerous starts. Moreover, much like GrahamD, I have gone out in the garage and tried dozens of combinations the past few days to try and duplicate the different things some folks say lead up to their "hard starting problem", and nothing... It just fires up like clockwork every single time.

I'm not saying there is not some sort of "problem", and I am trying to find a resolution to whatever the issue is even though I don't have it. Just check out the S-10 forum thread on the subject. But I'm not about to just summarily dismiss a very large part of the equation - the rider - that could be contributing to the problem. Sure, the bike *may* be the problem, but then again... Maybe not.

I've been messing with computers for decades, but I know when something goes wrong with one of them the first thing I think of is "What did I do?", or more importantly, "What did I do differently?" I don't just automatically assume that I'm somehow *perfect*, and incapable of error, and blame it on the machine or software.

Just my two centavos... YPPMMV.


So then please enlighten us heathen newbies the proper procedure for starting a Tenere so as to assure it fires every time.

Just so you can tell me what I'm doing wrong, this is how I start all of the fuel injected bikes I have in the garage:

CBR1000 - turn the key on - wait for the fuel pump to stop - push the starter button. It fires right up.

Vstrom 1000 - turn the key on - wait for the fuel pump to stop - push the starter button. It fires right up.

WR250R - turn the key on - wait for the fuel pump to stop - push the starter button. It fires right up.

Tenere - turn the key on - wait for the fuel pump to stop - push the starter button. Ugh

If I'm doing something wrong, please tell me.
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