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Originally Posted by bastimentos View Post
Hey Guys,

Ride a R1200GS in a variety of terrain and climates throughout europe. Need a all-in-one top of the line set up in terms of jacket and pants, no extra waterproof layers/liners to add please, that waterproofing needs to be built into the outside of the jacket.

I'm about to pop a deposit down with atomic moto for the new Klim Adventure Rally 2 J+P combo and just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing any options out there that are highly regarded by inmates before I place an order.

I basically want the safest setup I can find, and Klim seems to be well regarded here and as it stands I'm inclined to believe their materials and build quality are about as high-end as I can go. I am hoping the AR2 uses their latest technology to great effect but i'll be taking a punt on that as it ships in March.

Let me know if there is anything else I should be considering please.

Hard to beat Rukka in overall quality and performance. BMW stuff doesn't come close to having the fit and finish of Rukka and we have a few top BMW pieces of gear currently to directly compare, not just my guess, and have had others over the years. BMW is higher quality than most more common gear found in the USA though and is good stuff, just not quite as refined as Rukka.
Rukka has been leading the market for many years in design, using the best materials that others just started recently using / copying.
Depends if you want a suit from a company with over 50 years experience that makes their own garments in house, or a KLIM suit that follows others designs with outsourced manufacturing in China. That's not even taking into account KLIM was just bought out by Polaris and nobody really knows what that will mean for the QC of their stuff, could be good, could be bad and only time will tell.

I have many miles in my Rukka Armas and trust it completely to keep me safe, dry and comfortable in ANY weather, using a cool vest for very hot weather riding, and a Gerbings electric liner in very cold long distance riding. I have found the vents on the shoulders of my Armas to be more than adequate for hot weather riding in all my travels. Mesh is not an option for long distance riding IMO, I wear BMW mesh gear around town though.

Seeing where you live, you should have access to other top quality Euro brands I'm not even too familiar with, I can only go by my own experience and Rukka is the best I've laid eyes on with the long standing reputation, ratings and awards to back it up, not to mention my own years of riding in it.
One thing is for sure, after seeing many friends with them, I never think of the high end KLIM as being the best gear a person can buy, just baggy looking, ill fitting suits sized better for large Americans, and is looks like a copy of other designs/materials that's been very well marketed to the ADV crowd with countless sponsorships to get the KLIM name out. Very well marketed and widespread availability at many dealers in the USA is what makes it so popular around here methinks, not because it's the "best". Best is subjective as hell anyways.
Never owned one though, just my observation and opinion so you Klim owners don't get your panties in a bunch, we all have our opinions/observations and I'm not personally attacking you.

If the OP wants to look into Rukka more, copy this code into google for a comprehensive search on ADV with all kinds of opinions and overwhelming positive testimonials., rukka
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