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Originally Posted by Dallara View Post
OK, first thing, let me ask you a couple of questions...

How are your throttle cables adjusted? Specifically, did you adjust the throttle cable to remove literally all the freeplay at the throttle grip?

Second, have you installed handlebar risers of any kind, and if so, which ones?

Yamaha sends these bikes with a fairly large amount of slack in the throttle cable and the grip, and I have found on a couple of other brand FI-equipped bikes that if folks adjust their throttle cables to literally have zero slack and virtually no freeplay in the throttle grip that they can often experience intermittent starting problems.

That'll get us started...


I haven't changed anything on the bike except added luggage, heated grips, and an electrical port for my heated gear. The handlebars are stock. No risers.

FYI - the first time it happened was before I added anything. It was bone stock. 2nd and 3rd time were after the mods, but again, nothing major has been touched.

I have tightened my throttle cable, but only to the spec in the service manual. There is still play in it.

As a trials rider, I am very particular about my throttle set up and all of my bikes are set up exactly the same. There is free play in the throttle, but not much. Just enough to where nothing is binding with the throttle fully closed with the handlebars at full turn.
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