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Originally Posted by windmill View Post
Our own worst enemy,
How many riders claim they do it all the time even though its illegal, as if thousands of people don't see it and don't know its illegal.
How many drivers that see a rider lane-split past a) know it's illegal and b) are mad because they wish they could do it?

Unfortunately, I think it would be easier to get the non riding public to initially accept splitting and filtering, than it would be to keep some riders from abusing it.
Because right now there are two levels of self-selection to get to lane-splitting: First, take the extra step to learn how to ride; then take the extra step to twitch half a lane one way or the other and keep going when traffic backs up.

Having already self-selected (twice) as a risk taker, it's easy to do it again and get into the adrenaline rush from doing it fast.

Go to where it's crowded, and scooters outnumber cars about 100:1, and you don't see it the way you do here.

When riding is more an accepted lifestyle instead of a risky pastime, it'll be easier for lanesplitting to get accepted.
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