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Originally Posted by Krabill View Post
I haven't changed anything on the bike except added luggage, heated grips, and an electrical port for my heated gear. The handlebars are stock. No risers.

FYI - the first time it happened was before I added anything. It was bone stock. 2nd and 3rd time were after the mods, but again, nothing major has been touched.

I have tightened my throttle cable, but only to the spec in the service manual. There is still play in it.

As a trials rider, I am very particular about my throttle set up and all of my bikes are set up exactly the same. There is free play in the throttle, but not much. Just enough to where nothing is binding with the throttle fully closed with the handlebars at full turn.

I'm not saying you should adjust your other bikes any differently... Not at all. However, there have been some indications that the throttle position sensors on the Super Tenere and its "fly by wire" set-up are very particular about certain things, so you might just *TRY* backing off the cable adjustment a tiny bit to give the bike just a bit more throttle freeplay, and see if that helps. Yes, even a bit more feeplay than the service manual specs... No certainty that it will help, but it can't hurt to try it.

You mentioned having a problem after some mods you made... When you made any of these mods did you move, shift, or significantly re-route any factory OEM electrical harnesses or leads? Reason I ask is that a European source has found that a very real and significant idling/ignition malfunction was occurring due to some mis-routed wiring harnesses. Once these were routed correctly and not electromagnetically interfering with each other everything was fine.

BTW, I have to leave for a while so I won't be responding further until later this evening.




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