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Originally Posted by fredz43 View Post
Dallara and Graham,

Now, having said that, in January, 2011, we had one of Yamaha's Euro S10's that were making the rounds to dealers for display. While we were showing the features of that bike in the 5 days we had it on the floor, we started it many times for short periods and had no problems with it flooding. But, still, I have seen it twice on USA bikes, both times after brief running periods with cold engines.
This is about where I am going with the idea. I had no problem on day one running through most of the common scenario's I had read about the hard start. 30 starts, doing everything "wrong" and it just kept starting. It wasn't until two days later with a slightly limp battery that it didn't start "as fast as I thought it should" and I "instinctively" let go of the button at the "normal" time and retried.

That's when I noticed the bike was a bit gnarly. Left to sit for two days, battery not 100% and there you have a problem if you don't keep it winding until it fires.

So I cycled the bike with the starter a few times on purpose before it giving it a "normal" crank. Then it stuffed up. You could tell it was already a bit unhappy but I had an idea that turning it over with the starter was going to be pumping fuel. I had pretty well determined that just cycling the ECU with the key switch was probably not the issue and neither was the kill switch having much effect.

Some bikes , because of component tolerances emissions and adjustment differences are going to be a bit more susceptible to this, some aren't.

But the sitting around after short runs seems to be one of the main indicators that you may end up having a problem.

I have never had an issue with the bike, but I also am very "Dallara" with it normally.

It normally gets started, warmed to at least 50C and ridden a reasonable distance. All habit. The cars get the same treatment and I have been doing the same for years.

Just an aside, I notice that my wife has some issues starting my car because she is so used to the ECU controlling the starter that she has become used to just engaging the starter and letting go. She hasn't even twigged to the fact that it is the ECU that is deciding when the starter is stopped not her. So in my car she just gets cranky when it won't start after the 4th attempt and ...starts pumping the accelerator. Eventually the frustration and crankiness cause her to keep cranking that extra second or two. I can't convince her that pumping the accelerator has nothing to do with it.

The other interesting part there is that Toyota have opted for an ECU controlled starter. I wonder why?
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