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Waterbottle freezes. Snot freezes... Toes and fingers, ears and noses freezes...
Body stays warm. Tires, tubes and honey badgers don't care about the cold.
Back in my racing days we had a rule; we wouldn't ride below +20F or on ice.
Then we violated that and things got stupid.
Ten guys on their backs on black ice all still clipped to the pedals in front of the Air Guard base gate.
Once we extracted our feet from the pedals the real fun began. Standing in titanium cleats with CF soles on a crowned street was comical. Of course riding back we were beating the bottles against our bars to break up the ice.
We got back to the cars and it was -22.

Last time I rode in the cold was in the PNWet. Weather said it was 40 or so.

They lied.

This is not the face of a warm and happy Mr Head,

Slicker than snot on a glass doorknob,

Originally Posted by Aurelius View Post
Isn't the extreme cold damaging to a bicycle's rubber tires and inner tubes? I would think they'd freeze solid and crack.
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