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Originally Posted by windmill View Post
I think filtering and splitting should be legal, I'm not arguing against it but would like to point out a few real problems.

We allow vehicles to be wider than in most countries, 102". Many states have narrower lanes, while California typically uses 14' lanes, many states in the east half of the country use 12' lanes, sometimes in the east coast it can be as little as 10'.

Most non riders think of pirates and squids when they think of motorcycles, to them we are just a bunch of immature twats playing with toys. Noise, high beams, road blocking parades, high speed antics, stunting,. We are a tiny minority with a huge image issue.................and most of the negativity is accurate.........why do anything for us?

Our own worst enemy,
How many riders claim they do it all the time even though its illegal, as if thousands of people don't see it and don't know its illegal.
If it were to be made legal, how long would it take before the public regretted it?

Unfortunately, I think it would be easier to get the non riding public to initially accept splitting and filtering, than it would be to keep some riders from abusing it.

Sounds like it's pretty bad up there in WA. Most riders here are just regular people that use an mc for transportation and ride pretty darn respectfully.

With regards to people lane splitting/filtering illegally I agree with them doing it. When legality stands in the way of safety I see no need to obey the law. It's far easier to deal with a court than a coroner. I understand that some people may become angry with riders doing this but it tends to be people that are either ignorant or driven simply by emotion and ego. Neither group is worth consideration.
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