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[ Stormy loves to get discounts on things, and always asks for the "disabled veteran/student/hippy/senior discount." The lady park ranger said that his military disability would discount our park entrance fees, so Stormy produced his disability card.

"This isn't current, sir. Your card needs to be current," said the lady.

"Whadya mean, not current?!" Stormy was in his element. "I've got pieces of ordinance currently embedded in my leg!" The park lady looked perplexed.

"Well, I won't argue with somebody who's just doing her job, I guess," Stormy said, and put his card back in his pocket. The park lady realized she was on the wrong side of the argument and handed us each a Crater lake brochure. "You all just go ahead, it's on me," she said quietly. We thanked her, started the bikes and rode up the road a ways, so that Stormy could do his "HaHa, Suckers!" dance out of sight.
Did Stormy fraudulently impersonate a disabled, combat-wounded veteran to cheat the Park Service out of a visitor fee? If so, "stolen valor." If not, the "HaHa Suckers!" dance doesn't seem appropriate.
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