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JB - I didn't want to let to let your post go unacknowledged. Thanks for the effort/interest.

I'm not sure how I should clarify though. I want a midsize adventurebike that's gravel road capable, nice on pavement and OK for occasional 2 up. 3 features I would like are fuel injection, 6 speeds and closer to 400# than 500#.

Seems to me a 620 Mulitstrada actually does all those things. It's weakest points (for my use) are the gravel worthiness, suspension and 2 up ability/comfort. Folks in this thread have said that gravel road performance is better than I thought and can be improved. It's also been noted that the suspension can be made better/good and it's 2 up shortcomings I can live with (different seat maybe?). The fact that nice 620MS's are available for $4k is a big plus.

The next 3 best choices (IMO) for me would be the 1000 Multistrada, Cagiva Gran Canyon and the Buell Ulysses. All of these are a little bigger/faster/more street biased than I'm after - I like light/nimble over size and power - to a point, but I don't need/want 100hp (yes, I've ridden a KTM950 and it's great bike/huge fun, I just don't want one, or something that's similar in terms of size and power. That's just my personal preference).

I don't know if all that helped at all, but if you have any more input/suggestions you'd like to make, I'm all ears.

JB - Looks like you edited your post while I was typing. If you thought it might have bothered me somehow or said to much - no worries - tell me what you think.

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