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If you are going to buy a gun to carry forget about a 2" .357 anything- as mentioned by a previous poster,since the .357 was created/developed around a 6" barrel, using a 2" barrel wastes the powder and gives you a tremendous muzzle flash from the unburned powder which is lost velocity/performance/energy. Stick with a .38 If you want a revolver. Also I'd recommend an older .38. The new ultra light Smiths and others are an absolute bear to shoot. They are uncomfortable unless you are shooting light wad cutter target type loads. Get you a used blue or stainless Ruger, Smith or Colt (Colts are usually freakishly high even used, not because they are special just the sellers think they are) and practice and learn to shoot it well. If you feel the need to trade up, sell it and get the next one that catches your eye.
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