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3 Guys, 8 Days and 4700km Bris to Bairnsdale VIC

Day 2 of the 8 day odyssey.

After a good sleep it was time to get back in the saddle for day 2.
Get the bikes out of storage, get some breakfast and off..........
All geared-up and rolling, just probably find Maccas. Shouldn't be too hard

Well bugger me! We pulled out, turned left and right over the back fence of the pub.......... Maccas If we'd known that then maybe we could just have walked the 50m

Right....We're off now heading south for Walcha NSW and then further south via Brackendale on secondary and dirt roads. Nice country to look at as the heat starts to cook our brains in the heatwave.

We were happy with the choice of roads as we arrived in Nowendoc, but the best was yet to come!
This country is absolutely magnificent, and built for motorbikes

That road south from Nowendoc has etched a place in all of our hearts.
We cruised through Cooplacurippa, Glamis, Number One etc and dropped in at Gloucester.

Due to the closures of some of the Barrington Tops area we decided to skirt along the top of the region from East to West and fuel up in Scone.

I'd done 5 days down in Barrington Tops area on Enduro bikes a few years back and just loved the area.
It's still as spectacular as i remember it!

After the lookout it was back to the bikes for a push through the silly heat towards Scone.
Where the hell are the other two????

Oh!! Sorry chaps..........didn't realise you wanted some time to yourselves My bad!
(sorry chaps....just had to post that one)

When we were coming in to Scone it was 43 degrees on my bike at 100kmh. We pulled up under some trees and the temp started rising.....bugger that......we need drinks, fuel and to get to somewhere cooler ASAP.

Burst into a pub in Scone looking for cool drinks and Air conditioning. Thank god!!
Formulated a plan to get to Wisemans Ferry that night which involved slabbing it down to Muswelbrook and then Singleton.
From there is was head for Broke, Paynes Crossing, Wollombi, Bucketty, St Albans and finally the famed Wisemans Ferry.

We went to the pub and had a cold drink or two, all the while hiding in the shade of the kick-ass tree in the front beer garden.
The chaps were not impressed with the cranky, non-hospitable bar maids. The more travelling that we do, the more we find that..... Maybe they skipped their "hospitality training"

We camped just out of town at the "Ski park" which was to the right at the cop shop, and down about 1km.
I thought we'd be eaten alive by mozzies but was proven well wrong. Nice spot.

We took of into town to try to get something to eat at the pub. Nup! Kitchen's shut.
Quickly down the road 100m to the "club" who were wiping up the last of the mess in the kitchen.Bugger! Looks like chunky soup tonight boys.

Take-aways were bought at the club ($24 for a six pack if i remember correctly) and back to camp for us.
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