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Originally Posted by panhead_dan View Post
By the way Bryce, check your right fork seal.

Thanks again for the amazing pics and entertaining text!
Hey, Ulyses,

In addition to what PanheadDan above recommends, might I suggest an afternoon of wrenching? Heaven knows that I am a poor example of conducting good maintenance, but it does help to go over the bike and check every nut and bolt on the machine, even down to checking the spokes. Truly, go over the whole bike and tighten everything that you can see or touch--this would have probably saved your muffler bolt. There are a ton of XL riders following this post, so all that you have to do is ask (such as, how do I check the fork seal....).

On another note, this is like the Fellowship of the Rings. I have no idea what we are going to do when you reach Mordor and return the ring to the fire within Mount Doom.
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