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3 Guys, 8 Days and 4700km Bris to Bairnsdale VIC

Day 3 of the 8 day odyssey.

Up early and packed up the tents ready for another big day.

Slab to Windsor, then Richmond for breakfast and onto Lithgow.
Not really happy in Richmond....let's get this show on the road!!

Just after this picture was taken some deadshit tried to kill me on the way out of town! He pulled the fast change from right to left lanes without indicating , nor looking obviously
If i'd have been slacking-off i would have got well and truly cleaned-up.. Dickhead!!!!

From here it's secondary roads and dirt as much as possible until Crookwell.

I'd never seen a wind farm in Australia for real, so just had to stop and take a photo.

....and then Goulburn for fuel.
I have written "wierd" in my notes in relation to Goulburn! Don't know what that's about.

We pushed on and when we arrived in Braidwood decided that it's probably a good place to spend the night.
The Royal Mail Hotel was friendly and had good food and accommodation (albeit in our "family" room) Time for earplugs.

It just so happened that there was a wedding just out of town for a Sydney Swans player, and accordingly our quiet little pub would soon be full of footy players getting ready, and their little blonde "pieces" would be tearing through the hallways in their towels Sweeeet.

The food at the pub was really good. Fresh, and really well cooked. Good on you guys.
The bikes were chained up out the back adjacent to a couple of German Shepherds, and all within earshot from the room.

Tonight was a night to remember for my travelling buddies! Whilst i maintain that "what goes on tour stays on tour" it would suffice to say that i may well have banked on slipping out of town the next morning on my own, meeting the chaps later in the day at a distant destination.
"Everybody dies but not everyone lives"
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