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PCH Nicoya Peninsula–Ruta del Sol 160. Part II

Playa Pelada to Matapalo. 01Dec2012

First let me say: “THANK YOU ALL!” 800+ views and a “Hot Thread” star.

Now, where were we? Oh yeah, we left off at CRASH.

Ana sacked out shortly after dinner and I had enough in me for a couple of Bavaria Negra’s out by the dying beach fire.

Yesterday’s long trip was brought to you in part by: LOST.
Out in these parts there is a heavy lack of signage. So when we would hit an intersection the process was this:
-Did you see a sign? No.
-Can you see the back of what possibly could be a sign down that road? No
-That road? Yeah!
-Drive up to it, nothing useful.
-Turn around.
-Drive down the last remaining road option. Bingo! It says “X” town is that way.
-Fack! That town is not on the map.
- Your turn to guess honey. Then hope to see a human soon to confirm.

This was the worst case scenario, and there were many variations of it throughout the day. Some went well and others not so much. The wife did get to experience her first get off when pulling a U-turn in the gravel. I stupidly grabbed a fistful of front brake and you all know what happens next. So subtract an hour/hour + half and 10-20 kms and you get a more accurate accrual of time and distance for Day I’s ride. Also, google distances were likely not off. When plotting the path from Paquera to Samara G.Earth slipped and the path vanished. I then did the “big jump” plotting and left it to us to figure out the rest.

And just like that, A.D.D. rears it’s ugly head… Day II. Right!

We got a late start. Very late. Since we arrived in the dark, we had to stroll the beach and soak up the beauty of our surroundings.

Playa Pelada. 09:40. We walked...

...around the bend and arrived to “Downtown”. Right in front of Olga’s Beach Front Bar.

It was before 10:00 so it was quiet. We turned inland.

Arrived here: Pinche Lalo's Mini Super (9°57'16.91"N- 85°40'27.43"W)

Lalo is an extremely nice guy, speaks more English than he lets on, and super tranquilo. It is only a supermarket, but he has tables and chairs out front. He also has cold beer and Olga’s was closed. 10AM, ok just one.

Fastforward: 12:16 and three beers later. We are walking back to the homestead. More Playa Pelada.

Best thing about life on the beach is roads are forgotten. Take the beach, look for the dead root section of a very large tree (far left)…

…and there is the path home.

IMHO, camping on Playa Pelada is a go. It is very low key and not well known because it is overshadowed by its big brother to the north, Nosara. There aren’t many waves either so the crowds flock elsewhere. Maybe throw Lalo a couple bucks to stash the bikes and huff it 50 metros to the beach??? At the end of the path above are condos and since every day to the folks inside them is Saturday, they often do fires on the beach.

Now, I have a scar or two from and . Three beers, in two hours in nothing, but better wait a while. Did I mention A.D.D? Oh look! A pool!!!

Fastforward: 15:00. Out of the pool, packed and ready to go. We grabbed a bite at Rancho Tico in Nosara Centro. Back in the saddle again! Ana says "Best arroz con mariscos ever!" (sorry no pic)

A few water crossings, but didn’t even get the boots wet. , they were wet still from yesterday.

Rt. 160 is in great shape and not many cars. It has been a month and a half, but digging into the memory bank, I can’t remember even one? I was getting used to the gravel and the floating feeling. The wife was comfy so 70-75km/h was the cruising speed with triple digits on a few straight shots.

For old time’s sake baby? She declined.

More “highway” gravel. I was really finding a groove; sliding in and drifting out.

Until this!

“You better check yourself before you wreck yourself” is what I sang, and brought it down a notch.

On my handy guide I had noted a “Y” in the road to cut away from the 160. Notes/Distances being correct today we found it and were treated to a real delight to ride. Two tracks, lots of bumps, dips and even a river to cross. This road takes you off the 160, through Paraiso and San Jose Pinilla (Ref: NatGeo ADV Map for cities and the “Y” in the road coordinates are 10° 9'28.20"N - 85°47'15.68"W)

Great Road

Roughly two hours have passed and I can see the sun is beginning to drop, fast! Just past of San Jose Pinilla is tarmac, but I know we will not make it to Matapalo before dark. From the looks of things, it was shaping up to be a great sunset. I run a plan by the wife: we duck into Tamarindo to catch the sunset, please!!! She accepts, and we got one helluva show!

Slide back a bit mami. Perfect!

Back to the regularly schedule program…

We even found the perfect vehicle for my wife!

Show is over, and all slab from here to Matapalo. Time: 18:40 and we have arrived to Cabo Velas.

FIN day II. Under 100km. We were supposed to meet our friend Daniella for a bite, but this time we both CRASHED.

Days 3 and 4 on the way!

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