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3 Guys, 8 Days and 4700km Bris to Bairnsdale VIC

Day 4 of the 8 day odyssey.

As it appeared that my friends were unconscious, and unable to be awoken with anything short of TNT it looked as though today would be a relaxing solo ride at least for part of the day.

I left a little note under the room key saying "Meet you in Jindabyne" and dragged my gear down the stairs towards the bikes when i came upon a vision of beauty.... One of the tall, blonde ladies that were attending the wedding was just making her way into the hallway after being locked out of the pub all night.. Poor dear! If only one had known........

I took the road to Captain's Flat, Jerangle, Bredbo and Cooma. All in all it was a great morning ride dodging rabbits, hares, dead wombats and riding through really thick fog.

I only got a little bit lost.......once.... and had to check the map

From there it was plain sailing through to Cooma where i refueled and headed to Maccas for some breakfast.
Bugger me dead.....after a few minutes who should walk in the door????? My old buddies, Pete and Shakey!

It was now drizzling lightly and 16 degrees (a pleasant change from 46) as we headed for Jindabyne together.
It was getting cooler and when we refueled it was definately time for another layer of clothing.

We took off south for Moonbah, and then onto the Barry Way.
I know know why people talk about this road. It's bloody brilliant
It was drizzling all the way along the Barry way but that was great compared to what the sun would have dealt us.

A tad slippery in places, and the Ranger almost cleaned up "Ranger" on one of the twisty downhill hairpins. He had the Hilux on song as he made his way up the hill

Riding along with the river beside the road is just marvelous. Really lovely country and i would love to see it after the snow starts to melt on the hills. I will come back here....

I love this next pic....

I decided to take some pebbles on our journey and give them to my girls. Just a quick snap so they know where they're from..

I now have also added a mental "note to self" .... That red mud shit as you ride into VIC on the Barry way is slippery as a butcher's hook!!!!!!

We stopped at Buchan for a drink and a bite to eat and then made for Orbost.

Nice publican at the Orbost Club Hotel and the bikes were locked up in the back yard as we settled into a room each and good Chinese food cooked right there in the pub.
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