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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
not familiar with Armas ... with a three layer Gortex, looks extremely weatherproof and HOT in extreme heat.

how does this jacket feel in 105f+ temps?
or low as 90f?

all multi-layer Goretex jackets start feeling uncomfortably hot at about 85f for me...


- Gore-Tex Pro Shell 3-layer laminate with Armacor product technology, combination of high-tech fibres aramid (Kevlar) and Cordura
- Waterproof Gore Lockout closure in front
- Tear and abrasion resistant GTX Super Fabric reinforcements
- Cuffs and detachable collar of elastic 3-layer Gore-Tex fabric

Well, the hottest I rode in it was while crossing Oklahoma on the TAT in early September 2010 with 113F and high humidity. Record heat wave. Combined with a cool vest I survived, though over 105 or when you stop moving heat was a problem and uncomfortable no matter how you put it. Could not imagine doing that same ride with mesh, would have killed me. Many miles in 80-100 with a cool vest is no issue. Good to 80 for me without a vest and vents open while moving. When wet underneath it's actually amazing how comfortable I am up to 100, feels about as good as when the Gerbings is cranked up when it's 30, like cheating. I also pour water down the arms when it's real hot, that with a vest makes for comfy riding for a couple hours or more depending on your speed. You do need some airflow for the water to cool you though. Usually I keep the jacket zipped all the way up when it's hot using the vest, the vents have enough airflow and the less humidity the better the cooling. I've actually been quite cold when in the desert and going up in altitude the temp drops below 80 when wet in the Rukka.

I think people underestimate how efficient those small vents on the shoulders that act like air ducts and make air flow down your back and chest, but we are all different.
The other factors in my experience would be I wear an XD3 helmet with excellent airflow as opposed my street helmet most of the time, I also pour water in the helmet when refilling the rest and never wear cotton, only lightweight wicking high tech fabric underneath.
The Outlast liner for the Armas is also true to the marketing and better than any other liner I've have in BMW or Rev'it gear, flexible in various temps, good up to 75 (low humidity) and really helps keep you warm when in real cold temps. Great to use when in the mountains and the temps are fluctuating between 40 and 70, no stopping needed.

To me, the Rukka Armas is a true four season jacket, I've ridden all four types of weather in a matter of days plenty of times. All day, all week below freezing or above 90, rain or snow I'm good to go.
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