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Bragged that I never had the hard start. Bragged that I never wash the bike and then start it to move it. Bragged that I never cycle the key without starting the bike and allowing it to reach operating temp before shutting it down. (~140F)

Then, away from home, after it sat in the hangar all day, I inadvertently hit the starter button and released it before it actually fired up. When she didn't start immediately on the second try, I knew what I was experiencing. Went to half throttle then wide open over about 4 seconds time. She lit. Unhappily though.

So, all I know is she is as reliable as Dallara's and GrahamD's if I don't do anything out of the ordinary. But I won't tempt her again. NEVER touch that button without letting her start AND run long enough to go "full cycle"

Computers. ECU's. FI. FBWire. Hmmmmph. Combined, they are like the garden of eden. Really nice. But don't break the ONE rule they have or they punish you.
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