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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
sounds extremely uncomfortable 80-100f which is what I'll be riding at most of the summer. that's why I'll be using Motoport Mesh Kevlar most of the summer, then switch back to one piece Roadcrafter (single layer Goretex) when nasties hit. which Armas sounds like it does outstanding job with cold nasty conditions.

could do the same with one piece Roadcrafter, that you are doing with Armas... but why? it's gets way too hot with any Gortex 80f + unless a cooling vest is used. not with two piece Roadcrafter which is multi-layer and miserably hot over 75f. wonder if I used a cooling vest I could tolerate two piece roadcrafter to 100f ...

have you seen the comments from folks traveling with multi-layer Klim adventure suits ... gets too hot ...

only need to dump water on core at temps 100f+ .. just like riding bicycles....
why be hot riding 80-100f when Motoport Mesh Kevlar is comfortable without a cooling vest?

Because on that same ride where I rode through OK in a heat wave, I also rode though snow and days of cold rain in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, etc.
I was relatively comfortable and completely dry the whole time.

I have BMW mesh gear, it's great for local rides around town where I don't want to get wet with a vest but have tried to travel with it and it was a disaster. Mesh doesn't cool the air around you, and with too much airflow your sweat will not have time to cool you down. 100 hot air blowing on you is still 100 hot air blowing on you, with a gortex jacket with some airflow and a vest the temperature around your body is much cooler than the outside air. Personal air conditioning that you can't get if there's too much airflow. That's been my experience, we are all different ya know.
It is extremely comfortable in 80-100 weather with a cool vest in the Armas.

I have not seen comments on Klim riding being hot in warm weather, I'm not in the market for riding gear, I already have what works best for me. Maybe that has more to do with Klims design and not the materials?
Assuming completely different suits that use similar materials will perform the same makes no sense at all.
I'm talking about a versatile do it all suit and how I do it in the Armas to directly answer the OP's question, not talking about what kind of specialized gear is best in specific types of riding. Everything is a compromise, I choose to have to use a cool vest when I travel so I can stay warm and dry on the other days.
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