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Originally Posted by Bueller View Post
Yea, I still have the Taurus It's on ebay right now. but if I were you I wouldn't go that direction. Last month I knocked $5700 (between the new vehicle and the value of the trade) off of the deal I was offered on a high demand vehicle - a JK Unlimited Rubicon. If I was able to move them that far on something they can't get enough of, you certainly can make a dealer move farther on something with either greater supply or less demand. It's not a bad time to buy a new car if you know what you are doing.

Since you previously mentioned Chrysler when we last discussed your current vehicle, if you go that direction with a minivan I can attest to the power of the 3.6 Liter V-6. However, Wranglers aside I am not a Chrysler fan, nor can I attest to any long term quality with respect to the engine or their vehicles. Of course, considering your current spectacular piece of shit, how much worse can it get
No to anything Chrysler. I already had my share of those, and still have the Jeep. I will never own another chrysler product past 60K miles. You do have to consider my current piece of shit is closing in on 250k miles.

We're still trying to figure out if we are looking for one car to replace the van, or two cars, one for her to drive daily, and the other to be used as a non work car for both of us and our weekend family hauler. The two car plan was how we counted on going if her van was holding together better. It was going to get kept for commuter duty, and a luxury something or another was going to be added.
Ended up spending the most time looking at the Ford dealer. We had sort of looked at the focus a few times over the last few months as the ford dealership is right next to the shop where her van gets worked on. We had talked about getting one of those and keeping her van for longer trip duty, but now that her van doesn't seem to be trustworthy enough, we took a look at the escape instead. That lead to us looking at the edge, then the explorer. Then, I saw a used caddy SRX on the other side, and figured the total for that and the focus was less than the Explorer, so we ended up back at square one.
The fact that we count on trying to sell our house and moving this year comes in to play as well as we don't want to empty out our savings, or take on too much of a loan where it would impact our house buying ability. So there's a whole 'nother thing to keep in the discussion.
We'll go back and do some test drives of the focus and escape this weekend. In the mean time, I'll stop at some of the dealers for the brands we don't have close by over the next few days when I can find the time. I already remember why I try to only buy a new car once every ten years.

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