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Originally Posted by snakebitten View Post
Bragged that I never had the hard start. Bragged that I never wash the bike and then start it to move it. Bragged that I never cycle the key without starting the bike and allowing it to reach operating temp before shutting it down. (~140F)
Most religions seem to have something to say about that

Originally Posted by snakebitten View Post
Then, away from home, after it sat in the hangar all day, I inadvertently hit the starter button and released it before it actually fired up. When she didn't start immediately on the second try, I knew what I was experiencing. Went to half throttle then wide open over about 4 seconds time. She lit. Unhappily though.
That is part of the reason for doing it. As you are now aware parts of Australia outside Victoria can be a bit detrimental to your health if you get stuck.

So I want to know the signs and solutions is it happens. I also want to know how it happens so I can avoid it.
because of the interwebs I knew pretty much, in theory, how to deal with it.

I now know how many times the battery will start the bike (30+) without a recharge.

I have also short cycled, started and shut down the bike twice since the hard start and it hasn't missed a beat. The only difference being the battery is now completely charged,

And if I think back on the days of carburetors, I'm not complaining. Really. No more sticky slides, rotating venturis, pump circuits not working, linkages unbolting themselves mid corner...bla bla bla..

I know, all operator error.

They still sell DCOE Webers you know.
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