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Originally Posted by LUVMYDR View Post
Maybe Im simple minded, but I really like my DR650. Tried the KLR and Ktm and Im luvin my DR.
Not simple minded. Just simple to please. That's a good thing.
I guess there are bikes not available that I would like. Check that. I KNOW there are bikes not available that I would like. How do I know?

I just like riding bikes. And although I always have a "favorite" at the time, (currently the S10 reins supreme for 18 month running) I enjoy them all. I love DR350's that have been tuned well with a pumper carb. I love RC51's. I even rented a big fat Harley for a weekend. It was a unique experience.

Having said all that, I do want to ride a Tenere 660. But I have to fly to GrahamD's island to do so. Might just do it someday too.
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