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Originally Posted by It'sNotTheBike View Post
DO NOT use stop leak, it will clog radiator passages and you do not want
that to happen. Stop leak is a mistake, period. I've been working on vehicles
for over 40 years and I have used stop leak and seen the results when other
people use it. It is a bad idea to use it, period. Stop leak never really works
and it screws up things in the cooing system which were in fine shape
before the stop leak was dumped into the system. I am sure some people will
disagree with me on this, and frankly they will be wrong.
sorry you are wrong

would have to agree with above for almost all radiator sealants, except one.... Bars Leak ... don't know about now, but years back was commonly used by several OEM on brand new motors to seal minor leaks. Sold Bars Leak for 10+ years... not one come back or complaint. installed on butt load of engines...never had a problem one... vs other types or radiator sealer... all sorts of complaints and problems... quit selling anything but Bars Leak.

no sealer will do major leaks, that takes removal and fix. I'd install Bars Leak as a last resort. if it doesn't seal, then leak is too large and heater core has to come out.

in the meanwhile bypass ... would be the shits operating at those temps without a defroster. never mind the heater...

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