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3 Guys, 8 Days and 4700km Bris to Bairnsdale VIC

Day 8 of the 8 day odyssey. (Thank god i don't have to write that again)

Gloucester NSW to Bris QLD.

Today was the day that we really needed to make some miles in order to be home tonight, but....we all wanted to ride the super dirt section that comes into Nowendoc from the south. Agreed. Whatever it took, we were doing that bit again.

Truly great countryside.

The riding through here was just unreal

I stopped and took so many photos that i'm sure my mates would have been home already.

Did i mention that Pete's Trailtech Vapour is shit?

When i got to Nowendoc i just sailed straight past my buddies waiting at the servo. Sorry fellas.

BUT....... lucky i did because when i got to the intersection at Thunderbolts way........................................... 2 french backpacker chicks who were hanging out of their van which they had just cooked!
I thought the thing was on fire when i first saw it, so i shot over to assist

Pete and Shakey came along a bout 2 minutes later. "Who are you guys???" i asked....."Never seen them before in my life"

Right.... The car was cooked, the girls had bugger all money, the DR650 speedo is shit, and Walcha was 70+km away.

All we needed was a 4x4 to tow the girls into Walcha and they could deal with it then. Huh! We waited for an hour and a half and not one suitable vehicle came past

Shakey was busting to get home (fair enough too) and he would leave and go to Walcha to see what a tow would cost from Mountain Motors, and then he would press on home from there.

$300 was the cost of a tow when Shakey called back. The girls almost died.....but hey.....Australia is a big country, and they'd better get used to that if they were going to travel around.

I flagged down a ute that came out of the Nowendoc intersection. Well what do you know! 2 backpacker farm worker dudes. 1 German and 1 Italian, both of whom hated French chicks!! Oh Great start !

We towed the car back the 1km to Nowendoc and then the girls would get a lift to Walcha with the boys. The girls heard the guys say they hated French chicks, so were a little scared.
Not much choice out here honeys, so in you get, and we will follow to keep an eye on you.

Faaark. We did the first 20 minutes at 80kmh behind these guys before they got the idea to speed up.

In Walcha i bought the chicks a cool drink and we then went to the garage.
We got them signed-up for NRMA which would help them today and all over Oz for less that the original tow cost.

Then Pete and i left. Good luck girls.

OK mate, we have some serious miles to do, so let's keep each other awake and safe. We rode and checked on each other regularly and stopped every 2 hours for a lightning refuel and drink.

Coming into Glenn Innes we got pulled over by the Highway Patrol. Did i mention that Pete's speedo is shit?
We were standing up, speeding a little bit, and were very dirty!
Pete had no rear number plate at this time, neither of us had legible registration labels due to mud and my number plate wasn't exactly clear

Off we go with a warning to "sit down, slow down and get out of NSW". Yes Sir, Madam, Maam, Constable....oh...see ya!

We came through Warwick just as the sun was setting, so that is the final pic of the trip.

Pete and i split after we got to Ipswich, and we both arrived home a bit after 8pm that night.

Bloody great ride.
Bloody great country.
Bloody great company.
Bloody great bikes (except for Pete's speedo..............which is........................................You guessed it! SHIT)
Bloody lucky to get home on my MT21 rear tyre. 4700km and it's rooted!

Hopefully the other boys can come through now and post their pics and views.

Over and out for Ranger.
"Everybody dies but not everyone lives"

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