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Once, in 1969, I looked down at the freeway moving beneath my 305 Honda, thinking what it would be like to fall off at that speed (65 mph). Right there I decided that if that was going to be a worry, either stop riding, or quit worrying. Now, 43 years later, I have tried to ride cautiously, anticipating danger, and coaching others to do so. I still race dirt bikes, and ride the street, at times well over 100 (I'm not under oath here). Motorcycles are dangerous, that's a fact. But most of us weigh the risks against the freedom, the wind, the speed, the agility, the smells, etc. I enjoy riding, with others or alone. Cars no longer impress me, with bikes that hit 105 in first, or others that can loft jumps on a motocross track that test all you skills.
If an accident happens, I will try not to have it be my fault, even partially. But should it occur, it don't want to regret the many many miles I have spent on bikes.
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